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    http://www.boldsky.com/beauty/make-up-tips/2015/10-smart-tips-to-revive-your-old-makeup-items-060195.htmlIt is not that simple to spend too much on makeup items that may expire even before you finish it. You should know different ways to manage it because you are spending a lot of money on items that may be out of trend the very next day. You also need to know the easiest ways to make this work.

    How to revive old makeup? You can use a few of these techniques and the rest can be left to your imagination to make the most of your old makeup tools.

    An example is removing the mascara from the mascara wand and using it as an eye pencil. You can also use a few of these tips to know how to fix old makeup items.

    Melting – If you are sure of the color combination, this is one of the ways on how to revive old makeup. You can melt a few of the lip colors together to get a whole new look. This can then be left in the refrigerator to get it harden. Read more…