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    http://www.extreme-workout.com/holiday-gift-guide/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ExtremeWorkout+%28Extreme+Workout%29The holiday season is upon us! We all have those people in our lives that are impossible to shop for. I am here to hopefully help you shop for the fitness enthusiasts in your life. The items below are products that I have personally used and absolutely love. I have vetted several products over the last several months and boiled it down to the four products below plus one bonus product.

    If you need a gift for a runner, this is a must have. Most runners use some sort of product for hydration during a run. Some use the backpack/vest type, some use a bottle that straps onto the hand. Some use a product that goes around the waist. All are fine products, but I have found all of those to be restricting. Enter the Hydrosleeve! As you can see, the Hydrosleeve is  hydration systems that goes around the arm and is designed with an angled valve so you can hydrate easily while running.

    There is currently a frenzy going on in the activity tracker market. There are some good ones on the market and they all have a common set of features and they each throw in their own bells and whistles. The Charge features all day activity tracking which tracks calories burned, steps taken, floors climbed and active minutes. The Charge also monitors sleep and sleep patterns, which is a really cool feature. It’s amazing to see how much sleep I actually get (or not get). The Charge also has a digital screen that displays your stats, time, date and even has Caller ID. The Charge has the longest battery life of all the activity trackers I have used, which is awesome.

    While this isn’t a gift specifically for the fitness lovers, this is a gift that anyone will appreciate. ShaveMob offers amazing razors at an unbelievable price. Earlier this year, I wrote a review of ShaveMob and found that these razors are completely awesome and the price is even better! The ShaveMob Stocking Stuffer contains 1 handle (mens or womens), a 2 month supply of men or womens razor blades and a mustache monocle. If you are looking for a unique stocking stuffer that everyone will love, check out the ShaveMob Stocking Stuffer! Read more…