• 3 Reasons Why Relying on ‘Just Do It’ Keeps You From Getting It Done


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241623It seems a lot of people have given up the idea of making resolutions this year. Maybe on the advice of all the gurus telling them why making resolutions doesn’t work.

    The marketing team that came up with “Just Do It” as a campaign slogan did Nike a huge service. But for the rest of us, “Just Do It” has turned into a mantra for self-flagellation. We use it to try to beat ourselves into “just doing it,” and we use it to beat ourselves up for not having already just done it.

    So if all we need to do is “just do it,” why do we go through one year after the other without “just doing” the things that we resolved to do?

    Most New Year’s resolutions are more along the lines of, “This year I’m going to write that book, double my income, and lose 50 pounds.” You don’t “just do” that. You first resolve that your life as it is, without having written the book, with only half the income you desire, and weighing 50 pounds more than your ideal weight, has to change. You get clear in your own mind why your life has to change. You create a plan for change, and you validate the viability of your plan.

    This year, go ahead and make your resolution. Clearly identify the need for change, carefully evaluate your plan for creating that change, thoroughly prepare for the challenges that will present themselves along the way. Read more…