• 3 Ways Introverted Entrepreneurs Can Market Themselves


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/247819It’s a myth that introverts can’t become successful entrepreneurs. Many people (falsely) assume introverts are automatically shy, unassertive and even nebbish not qualities associated with leadership. The truth is introverts can be as social and interpersonal as extroverts; they just prefer to return to an inner world to recharge.

    Because of this, introverted entrepreneurs can face problems when it comes to marketing themselves. In a work environment where extroversion is considered the norm, marketing can become an impossible hurdle for those who would much rather take over the business world from behind a laptop. Introverts don’t need to change who they are, they just need to learn a few tips about selling themselves as an entrepreneur.

    1. Focus on one-on-one networking opportunities.
    2. Use technology to your advantage.
    3. Don’t worry about impression, worry about results.
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