• 5 Email Habits Of Highly Productive People


    Ping! Check email. Ping. Check email again. Ping. Check. Ping. Check. Ping. Check.

    If you’re like most people who sit in front of a computer all day, this probably sounds like you: When you’re not currently replying to an email, you’re looking to see if you have any new ones. Then when something new does come in, you read it, debate how to respond, then deem it too time-consuming for the moment. “I’ll get to that later,” you think. And if there’s nothing new, you’re nervously wondering why. “Is it because my inbox is full?!” So you keep checking back every 15 seconds until something pops up — in the meantime deleting all the junk mail that has since clogged your inbox.

    But a life tethered to your email means those other projects you want and need to do — be they big reports or personal tasks — can get postponed by days, weeks or months. Not to mention, a new Canadian study found hyper-checking your email can make you (surprise!) more stressed. So we asked five people who have a barrage of emails to answer to tell us how they tame their inbox.

    Read on for their strategies to deal with the deep, dark email crevasse. Read more…