• 7-year-old girl walks away from a plane crash that killed her family


    http://mashable.com/2015/01/05/7-year-old-plane-crash-survivor/Forty minutes after a small plane lost contact with air traffic controllers over southwestern Kentucky on Saturday, a bloodied and barefoot 7-year-old girl emerged from the woods and knocked on Larry Wilkins’ door.

    When police arrived, Sailor Gutzler, who was “very shaken, but alive,” was able to send emergency workers in the direction of the crash, Kentucky State Police Lt. Brent White told NBC News.

    After a brief search, they found the Piper PA-34 containing the bodies of Sailor’s parents, Marty Gutzler, 48; and his wife, Kimberly Gutzler, 46; Sailor’s sister, Piper Gutzler, 9; and a cousin, Sierra Wilder, 14.

    Sailor is the crash’s lone survivor, and authorities are hopeful she may be able to help them determine what brought down the plane. Read more…