• 9 jobs robots could replace in 2015


    http://mashable.com/2014/12/15/robots-take-jobs/Walking through the city, I find myself thinking about all the jobs a robot could do. A robot could probably stand in for my coffee truck guy, though I doubt he’d smile, call me buddy and ask if I said three sugars or no sugar. A robot could probably take over for that guy spraying down the street every morning though I often wonder why we need anyone doing that at all. Could a robot drive that taxi, which just deposited a woman on Fifth Ave.?

    These are not idle thoughts. In two separate reports over the last two years, researchers predicted that the rise of the robot worker was imminent. In the UK, Deloitte and the University of Oxford predict that 10 million unskilled jobs could be taken over by robots. Last year, Oxford Research predicted that 45% of the U.S. jobs across a fairly wide spectrum of industries could be automated and taken over by computers by 2033.

    Granted, automation and robotics are not necessarily synonymous, but they’re clearly related, especially when you talk about artificial intelligence.

    With the understanding that my own job, reporter, may be the first one to go, let’s take a look at some of the jobs robots are training for right now.

    Here are the remaining eight jobs robots could replace in 2015

    1. Cleaning Person
    2. Teacher
    3. Athlete
    4. Hospital Worker or Nurse
    5. Sales Clerk
    6. Hotel Concierge
    7. Actor
    8. Airplane Pilot
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