• Android just achieved something it will take Apple years to undo – Business Insider


    http://www.businessinsider.sg/android-1-billion-shipments-2014-strategy-analytics-2015-2/#.VM-TV2iUfT8Its easy to be negative about Androids outlook these days. Apple just posted the most profitable quarter of any company ever, largely on the back of runaway iPhone sales. This trounces iPhone sales, CNET reports. Apple sold just 192.7 million in the same time period. According to Strategy Analytics, Android devices were 81% of all smartphones sold last year. The global smartphone market also increased 30%, from 1 billion to 1.3 billion.

    Microsoft’s 3% market share is little more than a footnote, and all others combined come to less than 1%.

    Here’s a breakdown of Strategy Analytics’ figures: See more…