• Apple: What to Expect in 2015


    http://mashable.com/2014/12/09/apple-predictions-2015/After a year without breaching a single new product category, a year when product rollout events began to feel like dour requirements instead of tech entertainment, Apple turned it around in 2014. Its iPhone 6 rollout event was vintage Apple, full of excitement, entertainment and even controversy. I will never forget the beaming faces of every Apple employee I ran into.

    Five months ago, Apple stunned the tech community by announcing a long-term enterprise partnership with IBM. The idea is to bring mobile to business in a way that big businesses, even entire industries, could manage and leverage to their advantage.

    The vertical industries Apple will likely enter in 2015 can’t necessarily use off-the-shelf Apple mobile hardware or apps from the App Store. They need someone to build apps and integration that can work for industries like transportation, financial services, retail, insurance, government and healthcare. IBM has expertise and connections in all of them.

    A 12.9-inch iPad is almost a sure bet for 2015, but it was probably never intended as a consumer product. In business, a 12.9-inch iPad will allow Apple to “go not just after the tablet market, but the PC market, as well,” said Carolina Milanesi, chief of research and head of U.S. business at Kantar WorldPanel ComTech. Read more…