• Are You Living in New Age Professional Hell?



    Do you love what you do or are you living in new-age professional hell? In yesterday’s world, people worked 40 hours a week and took four weeks of vacation. If you didnt like your job it was practically part-time anyway, the benefits were glorious, and it just wasnt that bad.

    Today’s professional has much different experience. Almost all of the professionals I work with are busier today than they ever have been in their lives, working 60 to 80 hours a week. They feel under more pressure than ever. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops tether us to our work wherever we are whether we like it or not. Put it all together and you quickly realize – if you don’t love what you do, you are in the new-age of professional hell where you spend your days waiting for a pause in the steady flow of work so that you can take a break. Let me tell you, that day never comes!

    Life is too short. It’s not worth it. In the new world, we don’t have to love everything that we do, but we need to find happiness and meaning in most of our professional work.  Read more…