• Are You Serious About Becoming An Entrepreneur?


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241445 So many people love to come up with new business ideas but very few will ever actually act on those ideas. We all know people like this. You may even be one of them yourself. So before I sat through a long-winded description of his brilliant business idea (which it was), I asked him a very simple question.

    “If I think it’s a great business idea, and then 100 more people also say it’s a great business idea, would you actually start the business?”

    He paused. And then he admitted the truth. “Probably not.”

    So if you’re one of these people who sit around coming up with new business ideas, I’ve created a list to determine whether or not you’re likely to act on your idea.

    In other words, are you an entrepreneur or a talkrepreneur? I’ve rated the four most common types of people who talk about starting businesses. And I’ll rank their likelihood of being launched because I’m in one of those moods. Read more…