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    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gobankingrates/beyonce-to-bill-gates-24-millionaires-reveal-the-hardest-thing-about-being-an-entrepreneur_b_6866554.html?utm_hp_ref=what-is-working-small-businessesThe reality is it takes a lot of sweat, tears, hard work and discipline to be a successful entrepreneur.

    From Beyonce to Bill Gates, we found out what some of the most successful entrepreneurs in history have to say about the most difficult parts of their jobs.

    1. Mark Zuckerberg: Inexperience
    2. Larry Page : Being a Manager
    3. Sergey Brin: Scaling the Company
    4. Lori Greiner: Dealing With Unethical People
    5. Steve Jobs: Simplicity
    6. Bill Gates: Getting Overwhelmed by Technology
    7. Travis Kalanick: Getting Too Passionate
    8. J.K. Rowling: Failure
    9. Dr. Dre: Building the Right Team
    10. Mark Cuban: The Word “No”
    11. Jack Dorsey: Bookkeeping
    12. Beyonce: Pressure to Keep Up
    13. Tory Burch: Confidence
    14. Charles Schwab: Continuing to Innovate
    15. Oprah Winfrey: Detractors
    16. Michelle Phan: Sudden Fame
    17. Diane von Furstenberg: Every Day Brings New Challenges
    18. Kevin O’Leary: Your First Business
    19. George Foreman: Starting From the Bottom
    20. Wolfgang Puck: Multitasking
    21. Larry Ellison: Outgrowing Your Team
    22. Robert Herjavec: Inspiring Your Team
    23. Barbara Corcoran: Fear
    24. Arianna Huffington: A Work-Life Balance Read more…