• Defining Your Holiday Weight Loss Goals


    http://howtolosebellyfat-now.com/defining-holiday-weight-loss-goals/One of the biggest mistakes people make going into the holidays with weight loss in mind is never defining their goals. They just say they want to lose weight during the holidays and thats it. Without defined goals your chances to succeed are low, so take the time to plan out exactly what you want to accomplish.

    Start out by having a clear end goal for your weight loss. Before the holidays start, sit down and decide. Do you want to lose weight or are you happy with maintaining your weight and getting back to real weight loss after the holidays? If you plan to lose more weight, how much do you want to lose?

    Now that you have your goal, come up with a visual representation. You can create a checklist with boxes for each half pound or pound so you can check them off after you weigh. You could create a link of paper chains, one for each pound, and every time you lose a pound remove a chain. Get creative. Think about something that will have significance to you.

    The next step is to plan out some rewards. If you do this ahead of time it’ll give you extra encouragement to succeed. Your rewards should NEVER be food. It creates bad habits and an unhealthy relationship with food. How about that new thing you want for your house? Or that show you wanted to see? If you reach your goals, reward yourself with things that make your life better instead of extra calories. Read more…