• Get a Jump on 2015 With This Easy 30-Minute Marketing Plan|Julie Niehoff


    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-niehoff/start-2015-with-this-easy_b_6402306.htmlDirector, Education & Development for Constant Contact, Inc.

    I’ve asked many small business people the seemingly unwelcome question, “Do you have a marketing plan?” Most, about 90 percent, don’t want me to ask. Their shoulders slump, they look at the floor and they deflect. It breaks my heart — not because they don’t have one but because they get so down on themselves for having to say no. I’m here to say I get it. I’ve worn those shoes as a busy business owner myself. I never ask out of judgement or to shame anyone, but that’s how they feel.

    Following are instructions for creating a very basic (and flexible) marketing plan that will bend with your ever-changing schedule. It is my new years gift to the countless professionals I’ve met who are making it happen, every day, running their businesses and legitimately do no not have time or the wherewithal to create a full-blown marketing plan for their business. Spend 20, okay maybe 30 minutes this week on this 4 step process and you’ll have something to work with for 2015. Read more…