• How Sony Employees Reacted Immediately After the Hack


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241397The recent Sony attack is considered one of the worst cyberattacks in US corporate history. The hackers stole over 100 terabytes of data, including personal data of thousands of employees and business partners. They even took out old BlackBerrys because of smartphones own email servers, while paychecks had to be cut manually, using an old machine.

    In fact, despite all the investigation, it’s still unclear who was behind the attacks, and according to the WSJ report, it’ll take another eight weeks to fully restore Sony’s network.

    And if anything, this should all serve as a wake up call to every company in America.

    As the WSJ report points out, the way Sony treated corporate security was pretty subpar. Despite suffering from a massive hack in 2011, which resulted in losing personal data of over 100 million Playstation users, Sony seems to have mismanaged its cybersecurity system again. Although it beefed up its security team and firewalls, it still failed to “monitor one firewall and 148 other pieces of computer gear” while turning over its cybersecurity work in-house, the report says. Read more…