• How to Talk Your Way to More Opportunities


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241757A recent study by Communications Research showed that nearly 85 percent of women aren’t sure if someone is flirting with them. As someone who specifically helps others project and interpret body language, I can easily infer that most men aren’t able to do so independently, either.

    With communication accounting for more than 90 percent of what you “say,” clearly, this a major problem.

    Despite that, it’s still important to think about verbal communication every now and then. While how you say something is important, what you say can still be the difference between success and anything else short of that.

    And in a world where your performance is the only metric, let’s not forget that words can also hold value. Specific words can increase your perceived value. So whether you’re a business leader — or trying to become one — here are a few strategies you should add to your entrepreneurial repertoire:

    – Look for opportunities to work together with people
    – When you are Uncertain, say “I don’t know”
    – Become more Diligent about saying “No”
    – Talk like The Rock ..Read more…