• LEAKED: Xiaomi’s First Laptop Looks Just Like A MacBook Air – Business Insider


    http://www.businessinsider.sg/xiaomi-macbook-air-laptop-clone-2014-12/#.VKJJxF4APAGizmochina Xiaomi has been accused of copying Apples designs for its phones and tablets. Now its about to be accused of copying Apples laptop designs. This laptop, leaked by Gizmochina (via 9to5Mac), looks nearly identical to Apples MacBook Air.

    Everything about the computer, from the aluminum teardrop frame to the hinge to the black keyboard, is straight out of Apple’s playbook. The only discernible differences: A small Xiaomi logo is adorned directly below the display, and the power button is orange instead of black.

    Xiaomi’s laptop will reportedly be powered by Intel chips like Apple’s thin notebook line, but the Gizmochina report says it could cost about half the price of the MacBook Air, at around $481. Read more…