• Passion, Freedom and Impact: The 3 Ingredients of Business Success


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240396More than 10 years ago I founded my then small business that today has more than 600 employees and tens of thousands of customers around the globe. I talk to small-business owners every day, and while they all come from different industries and places, it is passion, freedom and impact that have been the main drivers determining their success or failure, progress or regression. Lets take a closer look:

    Passion is your drive, ambition and the love of what you do and who you serve.

    Freedom is the ability to spend your time and money as you see fit. Financial freedom enables you to not only grow your business and pay your employees, but to also give your family the quality of life you want for them. Freedom enables you to invest time in causes that matter to you, whether that is with your family, friends or hobbies.

    Impact should be at the core of your business. You might think that when your business reaches a certain stage of growth or you have a bigger budget you’ll then decide to make an impact. Don’t wait! Start from the beginning.

    Passion, freedom and impact are not isolated — they work together and are achieved together. Without a passion for your business, you can’t have the freedom you desire or the strength to make an impact. Without freedom, you’ll never make an impact and your passion is wasted. If you are not making an impact you’re not experiencing the freedom entrepreneurship allows, nor are you allowing your passion to be fulfilled.

    Take a step back, identify what your passion is and what freedom means for you. Ask yourself what kind of impact you want your business to have, and then weave your answers into every aspect of your business.  Read more…