• Say ‘No’ to These 5 Things for an Immediate Life Improvement


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241965The word “no” gets a bad rap in the entrepreneurial community. It can feel like a selfish assault to say “no” to someone when you heavily rely on the help and support of others.

    How can you tell when you’re saying “yes” or “no” at the right time? Honestly, it’s all in a gut check about how the response makes you feel.

    If you’re saying “yes” and feeling drained, lethargic, dreading the next step or wondering why you agreed to whatever you’re about to do, you need to learn the positive effects of saying “no.”

    “No” sets boundaries. “No” creates more room for the “yes” stuff in your life. “No” can feel just as rewarding, positive and fulfilling as “yes” when it’s done right.

    Here are five important things to say no to this year:

    1. “No” to tasks you can easily outsourced instead.

    2. “No” to actions that don’t match your vision

    3. “No” to things that distract and destroy your time

    4. “No” to things that aren’t healthy for your mind and body

    5. “No” to things that aren’t up to you or in your control

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