• Sleep Less, Feel Better and Get More Done With These 3 Tips


    For 2015, the three most popular New Year’s resolutions were health-related. Getting fit, quitting smoking and eating healthy are admirable goals — especially for entrepreneurs — but if you’re struggling to get to the gym and trade your cookies for quinoa, there’s one “healthy” habit you can stop stressing about: getting eight hours of sleep a night.

    Traditionally, experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night for adults. As a busy entrepreneur, you probably aren’t getting that much, and that’s OK. Not only does the typical eight-hour sleep cycle cut into your productivity, but it also might be damaging your health.

    In fact, oversleeping is linked to an array of problems, including depression, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, headaches, back pain and death. Your body is meant to move, and the old “use it or lose it” adage is true.

    So how can you feel less tired without getting more sleep? Here are three things you can do to feel fired up on just five or six hours of sleep a night:

    1.  For 30 days, cut out all milk, sugar, gluten and breads from your diet. You’ll be amazed at the sense of lightness and energy that builds inside of you. I do this challenge, and I definitely get an energy boost that makes all the difference to my productivity.

    2.  Develop a meal plan consisting of three to five meals per day, striving to eat every three hours or so. For each meal or snack, focus on getting good protein (chicken, eggs or salmon), green vegetables and healthy fats from things such as cashews, almonds, flaxseed or coconut oil.

    3. Instead of taking a power nap in your office, try taking a 15-minute walk or moving your fitness routine to the middle of the day. Exercise will allow you to sleep better and feel more energized.

    Sleep better, look better, feel better and get more done. It sounds like 2015 is going to be a great year, after all. Read more…