• Sounds Crazy, But These Bluetooth Sunglasses Let You Take Calls Through Your Skull


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/242589Get this through your skull: Ditch the earbuds. Thats more or less the message from a startup called Buhel, which is aiming to radically change the way you take calls — from inside your head. The company has concocted a pair of Bluetooth 4.0 sunglasses — aptly named SoundGlasses SGO5 — that pump the sound of music and calls into your inner ear through your cranium.

    Buhel says the intra-cranial aural magic happens through the wonders of bone conduction technology. Small, soft speakers tucked into each lightweight, polymer arm of the sunglasses (the parts that hug the sides of your head) let users listen to calls, tunes, videos and more from connected iPhone, Android and Windows mobile devices through their skulls, hands-free and ear-free, too.

    Without earbuds muffling surrounding sounds, SoundGlasses free users to hear noises around them. In other words, taking and making phone calls while driving, biking or running can be a lot easier and, more importantly, safer. For ski bunnies, Buhel also offers similar ski goggles. They’re called Speakgoggle G33 Intercoms and they allow you to talk through your nose bones. Read more…