• Take the Guesswork Out of Innovation With Metrics


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241683When you hear the word “innovation,” you probably don’t think of numbers. Instead, you might think of Steve Jobs unveiling the first iPod, the funky beanbags in Google’s unique office space or a building made of glass that defies the laws of gravity. The amazing world of innovation, it seems, is made of images, not numbers.

    But as businesses continue to evolve at high speeds, your company needs to be in a state of constant innovation to keep up. While thinking intuitively about innovation might lead to some good ideas eventually, innovation takes time and money. You need to invest wisely and any smart investment is backed by metrics.

    With metrics, you can isolate the very products and offerings your customers crave. You can then adapt your business to suit them. And it’s not just about creating the next new thing; it’s about creating something that customers want. And although measuring innovation isn’t exactly cut-and-dried, some metrics can point you in the right direction.

    Here are some ways to tap metrics to help you turn your ideas into truly game-changing innovations:   Read more…