• The Key to Success Is Knowing That Failing Doesn’t Make You a Failure


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/242602There is no shortage of wisdom on how to develop a success mindset. But the path to success isn’t all rah-rah-lets-pop-a-cork moments. You’re going to have your share of I-stubbed-my-toe-and-fell-off-the-precipice moments too. Your mindset about those moments will do as much, or more, to determine your progress as your mindset about the celebrations ever could.

    No matter how many times you chant “Failure is not an option,” your rational mind is going to whisper, “Wanna bet?” Because stuff happens, and any entrepreneur who thinks she controls all the contingencies is delusional.

    It’s our mindset about the stuff that happens that makes all the difference. Going into a venture trying convince yourself that failure isn’t an acceptable option can not only hamper your creativity in planning for contingencies, it also makes it much harder to bounce back from failure if (when) it happens.

    Change that mantra to “I will not allow myself to be a failure.” Now you are setting your intention on an outcome you can control, because you are the only judge that matters here. Projects fail, businesses fail, people fail to do the things they promised or wanted to do. But no one is a failure until they choose to be. Read more…