• The ‘Social Media Guide’ to Crafting Your Ideal Business Pitch


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/243765Pitching your business is the penultimate stop on a windy road to closing your next business deal. You either get the sale or you don’t. Whether you do depends on many situational considerations, some within your span of control, others well outside. Factors such as your delivery, tone and personal rapport with the client are all elements you can positively influence, whereas their economic circumstances, stress and long-term objectives are not.

    Suffice to say, not every potential buyer necessitates the same approach. Some people like to dive into the weeds about products and services while others are happy just understanding the bottom line. One thing, however, is for certain: You never know who you’re talking with until you’re talking with them, which means you need to be prepared for anything.

    Here’s another approach to generating your business pitch (a rather creative one, if I may say so myself): think of it in terms of social media platforms. There are the robust delivery types such as Hubspot and Hootsuite, and short, concise approaches such as Twitter.

    Whatever your preferred social media weapon of choice, there’s an equally valuable “pitch style” associated with it. Here is the entrepreneur’s social media guide to crafting the ideal business pitch:

    1. The “Twitter Pitch”
    2. The “Business Card Pitch”
    3. The “WordPress Pitch”
    4. The “Hubspot Pitch” Read more…