• What Does Your Style Say About You as an Entrepreneur?


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240822Your professional wardrobe style is like your very own visual business card. It speaks for you even when you are not speaking. But have you ever really thought about what your wardrobe is saying about you and your brand?

    This is something I like to call “message management.” It is the art of knowing what image you want to project and then using your style to your professional advantage. The first step is to know what your current wardrobe says about you. Then, you can make strategic changes, taking control of how others perceive you and your business.

    Do you wear similar outfits every day? As a woman you may always choose a skirt suit, a shift dress or slacks and sweater. For men, a strict classic suit and tie look, khaki’s and a blue button down, or even always donning an everyday pocket square could be your “uniform.”

    As an entrepreneur, your uniform shows commitment, consistency and strong brand awareness. However, even if you are a creature of habit, it is nice to switch things up every once and a while. You’ll want to show a splash personality by adding surprise layers, colors, accessories and shoes. By doing this you still can show strength of brand but also that you can think outside of the box and take risks from time to time. Read more…