• What You Celebrate About 2014 Can Tell You What to Focus on in 2015


    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241090For many business owners, the next two weeks will be the least productive of the year. Unless youre in the business of helping people get through the winter, helping them enjoy the holidays or channeling the Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge, chances are you, your employees and your clients are all slipping out of the entrepreneurial mindset, and into the holiday spirit. You may be refining your vision and mission statements, reviewing what worked and didn’t work this past year and making decisions about what you’re going to keep doing, start doing or stop doing.

    Which sounds productive, but often isn’t. Because it’s hard to focus on the big picture of your vision when you’re distracted by holiday parties, gift buying and well-wishing, and that’s just your professional life. Multiply that by two or more when you add in the personal stuff, and it’s likely that you’re feeling too overwhelmed to be in overdrive.

    I suggest that you stop struggling right now, and celebrate.

    Which doesn’t mean take two weeks off, and come back next year. Although that isn’t a wrong answer. But if you’d like to create a plan for 2015, a list of celebrations will help you determine what you’re going to work on for next year.
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